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Who Is Your Hero?

We all have heroes in our lives. Who is your hero? Your Dad? Your Mom? A Family Member? Your best friend? Your spouse?Did you check out Matthew McConaughy's Oscar speech the other night? Its very interesting who he said his hero was. HIS HERO WAS HIM IN 10 YEARS. Now that is very

3 Things That Determine Success Or Failure

It's your life. Have you ever heard that? I think we all have at some point. But let's make no mistake about the point being made here. The SUCCESS or FAILURE of your life and your life's experiences, whether in relationships, business, finances, family, etc. will be based on three things.

Working Mother Guilt Identified

If you have ever felt torn between motherhood and your job, you are not alone. Almost every working mother struggles with feelings of persistent and sometimes overwhelming guilt. It weighs heavily on our conscience, making us question our very sense of self. It makes us doubt both our parenting a

Do You Love Your Job?

You do? Then stop reading this article now. There is no need to continue because I am going to talk to all of those out there who hate their jobs and are ready to start looking for a new opportunity. If you are looking for a new job, it is not going to magically appear before you. You have to wor

The Top Rules For Writing Good Surveys

Writing survey questions can be confusing. How do you do it and make sure you are getting the content you are really looking for without being leading or sending your prospect or client somewhere you actually do not want them to go? We have come across some commandments if you will on how

Getting Your Perfect Job Manifested Into Reality

Manifesting is an interesting subject, especially around the subject of getting the perfect job for you. We have done quite a bit of research around this issue and the below are a few tips to really help you begin attracting what you really want. Our first tip is to love the job you've got.

Is It Time For A New Job?

Are you dreading going to work in the morning? Is it affecting your sleep, your day to day life? Have you thought about getting a new job and how that could help?In this day and age where good jobs are hard to come by, it can be an overwhelming process to think about getting another job. E

Overcoming Victim Consciousness: The Power Lies Within You!

For generation upon generation the human race has been mislead into thinking that cause and effect in life over many different things is something external to them and in doing so have become victims through their own making: Victims because they have designated the responsibility and power of ca

Improvements In Vision Correction

The history of vision correction is vast and complex. Before the invention on contact lenses people relied on glasses to correct imperfections in their eyesight. Today, contacts have become the norm and LASIK eye surgery is replacing them. There are advantages and disadvantages to each method

Photography For Beginners

For those of you who have just upgraded to a DSLR from your iPhone, there are a few tips and tricks that can get you started using your camera today. Don't be intimidated by the fancy buttons and wheels on the camera. It still does what every other camera in the world does - it just takes picture

Do You Need A New Job?

Are you in the market for a new job? If so, there are several steps you need to take now to ensure that the job search is easy, and more importantly, successful! Follow these steps to ensure you get that great new job as soon as possible:1. Get up to date - Make sure you have profiles on L

Manifesting The Job Of Your Dreams Is Easy

The process of manifesting is new to some, and very common to others. You may have heard about it from the law of attraction. The idea is simple: what you think about is what you believe, and what you believe is what ultimately manifests into your existence. If you think about it, everything arou

How Do You Know If It Is Time For A New Job?

Do you get the Sunday afternoon blues? You know what this is that feeling of dread on Sunday afternoons when you realize you have to go to work on Monday. Is it time for a new job? Are you looking at your current situation and wishing you were somewhere else? There is no better time that

How To Manifest Great Things

Whether we admit it or not, we are all manifesting all the time. Our thoughts carry a level of energy that flow in, around, and through all things. This is a scientific fact. The other fact, is that like energy attracts like energy. So…if you are thinking "I am really bad with money", your

How To Manifest The Job Of Your Dreams

We have all heard about manifesting. It is the process of creating energy in your body and mind to create and literally see the things you are thinking about. There are many forms of manifesting. Some like to manifest the home of their dreams, others like to manifest the love life they have alway
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